A commissioned painting is a special way to demonstrate my abilities, to embody an idea, to create something unique and inimitable, following someone’s desires.
Let’s start making your painting real.
I want to hear about your inspiration, ideas, vision, and color palettes.
is the language of the imagination.
(Jean Cocteau)
Let us create something special together
I would be very interested in collecting your ideas and inspirations about future painting. It could be anything you find that can help me to create your painting. Think about places where you have been, and nature that you have seen. Maybe you decorate your place in specific colors and themes.
If we both agree with the idea of a painting we move forward, you will pay a 50% deposit and the remainder of the balance will be due before being shipped.
In exceptional circumstances when you do not feel like the artwork, I will refund the deposit and the painting goes into the open market for sale.
Your ideas.
Size, colors.
Payment & Pricing.
As usual, the process takes 5-8 weeks for completion depending on open availability.
You will receive an email or phone call after the form is submitted. Sometimes customers want to discuss straight to me about ideas, wishes, and requirements for a future painting. I am open to discussion.
I will send images of work in progress, to allow you to make suggestions during the creation of your artwork.
Once completed I will provide images and video for you to see the painting.
The size of a painting is flexible. Multiple canvases creating one image (Diptychs and Triptychs) are available. I am happy to help you to recommend a size of a painting based on your space. Custom color palettes can be created together based on your desire.
 Besides creating custom paintings, I am happy to respond to the fulfillment of your ideas if you want to make your things unique. For instance, I can decorate your favorite hat or add color to the furniture. Thus, I fulfill the cherished ideas and dreams of my customers.
Here are the works I have completed.
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