«An artist can find beauty everywhere. Be inspired in unexpected places. So, I am a contemporary painter who works with different mediums to express ideas, feelings, moods, and fantasies.»

Iana Volga (b. 1986) was born in Samara, Russia. Currently, she is living in California, Maryland. When she moved to the USA and gave birth to an adorable son, she decided to give a chance to her inner desire - to pursue painting.
"My whole life I sought something that would ignite my soul and fulfill me. I felt I was doing something wrong. So, I went to school to study Art and found my passion and a hidden piece of myself. Thus, the puzzle pieces began to come together. In the beginning, I only drew something for myself. My drawings reminded me that I loved to paint during childhood. After that, I made an important decision which greatly changed my life."
Currently, she is a student at the College of Southern Maryland. Her major is Art and Science. She is passionate about studying new techniques and finding new ways to express herself. She studied Pouring (Fluid), Gilding, Texture art, and abstraction with acrylic. She also received the certificate from ERA ART studio, Moscow. ”I strive to ensure my art will create refined and noble spaces pleasing, cheering, or even calming the mood of my customers.”

02/26/20 - NOVA Alexandria Fine Arts Juried Exhibition
(3rd Place)
10/10/23 - Published in the Artistcloseup Magazine (p.92)
10/11/23-12/23/23 - College Invitational Exhibition Indianapolis Art Center
$ 707
Size: 55.9 W x 71.1 H x 2.5 D cm
«That painting came to my mind itself. As soon as possible I painted it. I wanted to show how people can destroy our planet Earth. This is how can be in the future. This is one of the possible ways for the future. The whole painting looks like an industrial zone but it is after a catastrophe disaster…»
Clouds Salvation
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